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Open Commerce is a technology suite that enables marketing professionals in the fuel & convenience industry to create real-time, hyper-personalized offers and customer interactions across a variety of channels (mobile, web, SMS, and in-person) to drive customer behavior toward a desired goal.
Our technology bridges financial payment providers, retail fuel pump technology, and customer experience by wrapping low-level standards-compliant integrations with powerful software abstractions on an ultra-modern software platform. Our platform services and applications are built using a broad swath of technologies (Typescript, Node.js, Ruby, React, and others) interconnected via GraphQL and RabbitMQ, and run in AWS using Terraform, Helm and Kubernetes (via EKS).

● AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Git.

● Solid experience on a similar position;
● Strong background in *nix-like systems;
● Strong experience in git and distributed collaboration
● Knowledge of at least one scripting language;
● Networking skills: TCP/IP, TLS, network security;
● Knowledge of Amazon Web Services (EC2, ECS, VPC, EKS, etc.);
● Strong experience with Docker containers: creation, deployment, lifecycle, debugging;
● Experience configuring CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins, TC, etc.);
● Experience with Kubernetes;
● Experience with logging/monitoring tools;
● Experience with management/deployment tools;
● Experience with SQL/NoSQL databases;
● Moderate sense of humor;
● Strong verbal and written English skills.

● Configuring servers, environments, logging, monitoring;
● Development and delivery processes automation;
● Working closely with team members, including product owners, designers, architects, and other developers to quickly diagnose and solve any kind of problems.

● Long-term employment;
● Competitive compensation with regular performance based salary and career development reviews;
● 22 working days of vacation per year;
● 8 paid sick leave working days per year;
● Health insurance program;
● Flexible working hours;
● Sponsored company educational program, corporate library;
● Comfortable and cozy office or full remote;
● Funny celebrations, team outings and company events;
● Unique and friendly environment where everyone can explore and learn new technologies.

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