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Stuzo is the leading provider of personalized and predictive commerce solutions for retailers, powered by software products, software services, and insights platforms. Stuzo’s services include digital product strategy, product design, and product engineering.


◉ Automate test cases from TestRail;
◉ Analyze tests results(local/on CI), investigate reasons for failed tests, report bugs, or fix the failed tests;
◉ Support a manual QA team during regression testing(run the automated tests against other/specific envs if required), create test runs in TestRail based on the test results received after executing tests using release candidates (both – BE and FE);
◉ Update existing tests according to changes in the existing functionality/design/etc.;
◉ Update test cases in TestRail(mark as “Automated”) when work on new automated tests is done;
◉ Plan own work according to an AQA roadmap;
◉ Sync with the manual QA team to arrange the AQA roadmap with QA roadmap/needs and reflect changes in the AQA roadmap;
◉ Add new points into the AQA roadmap if there is new information received during team meetings;
◉ Participate in automation sync meetings with other AQA engineers/DTL/QA manager/anyone else;
◉ Report to the AQA DTL/QA manager/project SM;
◉ Request knowledge sharing sessions with other project members/other AQA engineers.

Indirect responsibilities:

◉ Collect and formalize specific requests from the manual QA team and share with the AQA DTL;
◉ Support and fix AQA CI (Jenkins/ADO/etc.);
◉ Update used tools for automated testing;
◉ Fix tools integration issues, incompatible versions issues, investigate specific issues in ADO/Azure/local envs to localize and fix a root cause of the issue;
◉ Request DTL/AQA resources when it’s required;
◉ Assist in creating new tools/helpers to automate specific TCs, provide details and reasons in a Jira task with relevant priority;
◉ Participate in manual testing in case of really urgent requests (discuss with the AQA DTL/SM/QA manager if required).

◉ Long-term employment;
◉ Competitive compensation with regular performance-based salary and career development reviews;
◉ 22 working days of vacation per year;
◉ 8 paid sick leave working days per year;
◉ Health insurance program;
◉ Flexible working hours;
◉ Sponsored company educational program, corporate library;
◉ Comfortable and cozy office or remote;
◉ Funny celebrations, team outings and company events;
◉ A unique and friendly environment where everyone can explore and learn new technologies.

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